Welcome to our site built on the premise that I needed something to occupy my time and mind whilst we get  on with our travels, having said that I felt there was also a need to separate the practical stuff of Motorhoming from  the family genealogy page.

 The unusual title of the page basically came about when our good friend Gill named the van Inbits because each  time she came around I always seemed to be working on it and the addition of the Blue, other than the obvious  colour was the result of being unable to get the title Inbits.com/org/net much to my surprise.

 The plan was to use Wordpress to layout the site but it seems that one has to be online to use that program which  when travelling can be a problem as WiFi is not always available and sometimes even then can be unreliable, so  back to Serif WebPlus 7 and perhaps spend a bit more time in learning more about that program.

 OK that’s enough of the explanations or excuses and on with the content much of which will be transferred from  genealogy site to here plus hopefully new content and a more regular Blog.

                   LINKS will be outlined in red as the usual blue colour disappears into the background.


                  For some unknown  reason which I cannot fathom the site works better in Google Chrome

                                                                             Jack n Kit   

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